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Copyright:  As I am sure you understand, the materials that I offer in this web site are intended for your personal, noncommercial use only. Unless marked otherwise, the copyright for all texts, logos, pictures and downloadable files belongs to the site author, Werner Ulrich. The logo of the Lugano Summer School is propriety of the Lugano Summer School of Systems Design at the University of Lugano and of the author of this site. Photos published in the "Participants' Album" of the Summer School are owned by their mentioned authors.

On Plagiarism


Copyleft:  As far as I hold the copyright for the materials published in this site, I herewith grant you the right to use these materials according to the terms of a Creative Commons

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License

(or in short form: CC BY-NC-ND License) as explained below. Inasmuch as you do not observe the terms of this license, I retain the full copyright.


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Creative Commons License

The CC BY-NC-ND license explained

This work is licensed under a worldwide Creative Commons

 Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License

and its Swiss edition, the 

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Switzerland License

In order to understand what this license means, please take a moment to study its terms. Click on the above logo to read these terms. In what follows, I explain the spirit of these terms in my own words.


Creative Commons



Open access but no plagiarism
The basic spirit of the Creative Commons (CC) or "copyleft" terms associated with this web site is one of granting you open access free of charge. In return, you commit yourself to giving full and accurate credit to all materials that you take from this site; this is what the "
Attribution" (BY) term of the license means. The license holds for noncommercial use of the materials only; this is what the "Noncommercial" (NC) term of the license means. Finally, I expect you to render my materials in an authentic, faithful way, that is, to preserve their integrity and to give accurate quotes; this is what the "No Derivative Works" (ND) term means.

If you are unsure what "giving full and accurate credit," "preserving integrity" and "giving accurate quotes" means, here are the details:

Summary of terms



Please give proper reference to downloaded publications
Publications available for download and distribution as PDF files are either original publications for which I hold the copyright or else are so-called prepublication versions of material copyrighted by third parties. These prepublication versions, although basically identical in content, may differ from the main publications with respect to some editorial details and layout. Downloads are free of charge. I offer them for your personal or academic (but noncommercial) use, on the condition that proper reference be given to both the prepublication version (including its title and URL) and the original source (including full bibliographic data); as a rule, full bibliographic data on the original source can be found on the title page (or else at the end) of each download.

Details of terms



If you are an academic instructor
If you are an academic teacher, I grant you the permission to distribute downloaded articles directly to your students, either as hard copies or as PDF files, so long as you make sure that complete reference to the source is included in the distributed material and that students never use it in your class without giving complete and accurate references. "Accurate" means particularly that for all literal quotes or near-literal paraphrases, page references are required.

Where texts appear in HTML format only, that is, no PDF files are available for download, complete references including the URL of the concerned web pages are still to be required from students, though obviously without pagination (except where you provide hard copies). The same condition applies to all other materials (such as photographs and logos) appearing in this web site.




Please give accurate references to text passages quoted from this web site, and (as an instructor) make sure your students do so, too
Please consider that without proper reference, I as the author of these articles risk looking to third parties as if I were merely repeating (if not plagiarizing) the work of others, when in fact I merely continue to use my own ideas and formulations. Concerning the requested form of referencing, please see below.




A thought concerning plagiarism
Unfortunately, plagiarizing is now a widespread phenomenon in the academic world. We are all vulnerable to plagiarism, and I have been subject to it more often
  and more extensively  than many of my readers may believe. Yet the Internet is and should remain a marvelous tool for publishing and disseminating academic work. Hence, rather than renouncing this tool, it seems so much more desirable to me to trust that the visitors of this web site will respect my copyright and will give proper references to materials they use, in exchange for being able to use these articles. Is this a fair offer, I hope?




For additional thoughts on the issue, based on my experience as a reviewer as well as an author, you may like to see my note On Plagiarism.

Of related interest are also my two monthly pages of February and March 2006 on Open-Access Publishing.

Of related interest:

"On Plagiarism"

"Open doors: a plea for open access publishing"



How to cite texts appearing in or downloaded from this web site
Suggested form of reference: Ulrich, W. ({year of publication indicated}). {Title of the page or article}, {page name if different from title of article}, Werner Ulrich's Home Page, {complete URL} ({date last modified}) [{date retrieved or last accessed}].

Example: a reference to the present copyright note would look thus:

    Ulrich, W. (2002). Copyright note, Werner Ulrich's Home Page, http://wulrich.com/copyright.html (last modified 19 Jan 2012) [retrieved .....].

If the quoted article is an edited or prepublication version of an earlier publication in print, please add the title, source, and date of the original publication as follows: "Originally published as {original title}, {original source}, {original date of publication}."

Referencing format



Concerning pagination
If you quote literally, please give accurate page references whenever a PDF file is available. PDF files offer the advantage of platform-independent layout and pagination, so that accurate
page references according to established academic standards are possible and make sense. Where I offer in this web site prepublication versions of articles that have been published elsewhere, I am grateful if in addition, whenever possible, you indicate corresponding page numbers in the original publication, especially if you quote or paraphrase extensively.




Concerning pictures
It is not permitted to embed pictures from this web site in other web pages by means of <img> tags or similar methods unless a copyright note of the form "(c) xxxx W. Ulrich" is given immediately with the picture (where xxxx is replaced by the year of publication), followed by full and accurate credit. It is permitted without further ado, however, to refer to pictures in this site by means of <a href> tags, whereby I request hyperlinks to corresponding pages (*.html links) rather than directly to pictures (*.jpg, *.bmp or *.gif links).

If you are unsure about proper ways to use any materials offered in this site, please contact me by email (see the "Contact" section of this site) and explain what you wish to do. I will then get in touch with you.

Thank you.








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