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Getting in touch  Here you find a link to get in touch with me through email. You are welcome to give me your feedback on this web site or, if you liked the site, just to say hello. It's good to know (occasionally) someone out there is reading my stuff!

Note for spammers: The email link is coded against SPAM - don't bother!



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Should your email program not open when you click on the link provided below, enter the following email address manually: wulrich [at] gmx.ch

Alternatively, you can find another link in the web site of the Lugano Summer School, on the "Contact" page there.



Guest book  

Since the guest book has not been used a lot is it an outdated idea? I have now deactivated this feature. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this web site, or just would have liked to say you liked the site if the guest book were still there, please do not hesitate to email me through the link provided above. Thank you.







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